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Allwyn Enters the US Market via Camelot LS Group Acquisition

Allwyn Enters the US Market via Camelot LS Group Acquisition

Allwyn, the winner of the UK National Lottery’s fourth tender and owner of the current operator of the UK National Lottery, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, announced an agreement to acquire the Camelot Lottery Solutions group of companies for an undisclosed fee. 

Expanding Operations into the US

The acquisition of Chicago-based Camelot LS Group gives Allwyn entry into the US lottery market. The group has long-term agreements to operate the Illinois Lottery as a private administrator through its subsidiary Camelot Illinois LLC and with Arkansas Scholarship. Lottery to improve lottery operations. “We have always viewed the US market as an important part of Allwyn’s future growth story, and the acquisition of Camelot LS Group is the right move,” said Robert Chvátal, CEO of Allwyn. Allwyn’s goal has always been to use technology, efficiency, and security to help lottery operators improve player engagement and raise more money for good causes explained Chvátal: “Both Allwyn and Camelot share a passion for the lottery business.” “Adding value to [their] customers and increasing community lottery revenue. In addition to administering the Illinois Lottery and partnering with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, Camelot L S Group provides products and services to lottery operators and their players in Europe and North America through its technology arm. It is a Camelot UK subsidiary, the UK National Lottery operator, which the Czech Republic-based lottery group will also acquire.

Business Objectives Remain Unchanged

Wayne Pickup, CEO of Camelot LS Group, described the company’s commitment to “serve [its] customers, engage players, and grow lottery revenues” to benefit the communities where lotteries operate. He added that as manager of the Illinois Lottery, the company has developed strong relationships with the lottery division and works together “to drive responsible and sustainable growth to maximize revenue for the state” and believes that “the combination of the Resources Allwyn and Camelot LS Group’s experience and talent will be beneficial to all parties involved. Allwyn announced that Camelot LS Group’s leadership team would remain unchanged following the closing of the transaction and Business, complemented by the extensive experience Allwyn’s legacy of more than a decade of operating and enhancing lotteries in Europe, will continue to serve its lottery partners. Camelot LS Group will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Allwyn upon closing the transaction, which is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2023, subject to the usual terms and conditions. The transaction expands the current lottery operation—Allwyn offices in Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus, and Italy.

He explained that the company ultimately strives to support the growth of lotteries and continue to raise money for good causes by using innovative technologies. At the same time, Chvátal said such innovative technologies could help lotteries provide safe and efficient entertainment. In conclusion, the Allwyn CEO commented, “Both Allwyn and Camelot share a passion for the lottery business, delivering value for our customers and increasing lottery revenues for communities.”

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