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Beatmakers Launched Fixed Odds Wagering at Caymanas Park

Beatmakers Launched Fixed Odds Wagering at Caymanas Park

Horse racing industry data analytics and content provider BetMakers Technology Group announced its partnership with Supreme Ventures subsidiaries Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment Limited (SVREL) and Prime Sports Jamaica (PSJ). They saw the launch of fixed betting Odds on the Caymanas Park racetrack. 

Managing Fixed Odds Betting

BetMakers’ Managed Business Services division administers fixed-odds betting for all fixed-odds bets on Jamaican and International racing events using stands at Caymanas Park Racecourse. Culture, passion for horse racing, and the potential that the vertical represents for bookmakers. “The culture and passion for racing in Jamaica have to be seen to be believed,” said Baker, adding that “Jamaica beats well above its weight.” when it comes to betting settlement’, in anticipation of the ‘exciting times’ to come following the launch of BetMakers 

 fixed-odds betting ‘in the second jurisdiction in America’. The two affiliates of BetMakers and Supreme Ventures entered into a partnership almost two years ago when they signed five-year agreements under which BetMakers received the exclusive right to manage fixed odds for all SVREL venue and online racing in Jamaica and Jamaican racing from Caymanas to distribute International Park.

“Committed to the Growth of Racing”

“Like all of our partner circuits, we are committed to growing racing and reinvesting in the industry,” Baker continued, citing as an example the “racing boom in Australia in the 15 years following the deregulation of fixed odds betting “,.’ which saw the rise of new industry players and took innovation and technology to the next level to elevate the customer experience to ‘an all-time high’ than 100 Off-Track Betting Shops (OTBs) and as a sponsor of SVREL in exchange for exclusive names and Branding rights for a new coaching pavilion at Caymanas Park racetrack as well as extensive advertising rights for key events in 

. Baker went on to pay tribute to the Caymanas Park team, led by Chairman Solomon Sharpe. Their dedication to promoting horse racing, noting that the BetMakers team is more than ready to “join them to help everyone.” enable participants in Jamai careers”. , noting that the launch is the first step in the multi-faceted partnership with Supreme Ventures, “where both parties agree to work together for the benefit of the industry. Beatmakers Technology Group also confirmed that their online fixed-odds betting would begin next year on the official Caymanas Park Racecourse betting site.

We promised changes and improvements to our product a few months ago and said we would keep everyone in the horse racing ecosystem. So we’re here to talk about the betting site and how we’re doing. Use technology to improve the products we offer continually. Sharpe said that introducing fixed fees would reinforce the industry’s strong commitment to horse racing, just as it cemented Caymanas Park’s position as the jewel of horse racing in the Caribbean.

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