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Better Collective Names Petra Zackrisson, SVP of Growth

Better Collective Names Petra Zackrisson, SVP of Growth

Better Collective, whose mission is to make sports entertainment more engaging and fun, announced an executive appointment on Thursday. As a result, Petra Zackrisson, a seasoned veteran with years of experience in the industry, has been named senior vice president. President of Growth.

Targeting Expansion, Better Collective Appoints SVP of Growth

The appointment comes as the Better Collective plans to continue expanding its global footprint. The company stated that executive-level hiring is intended to fuel its growth and accelerate its presence in new jurisdictions worldwide. As Senior Vice President of Growth, Zackrisson will oversee strategic processes primarily related to Better Collective’sCollective’s expansion into new markets. She will lead the strategies to help the company build its presence in emerging markets. The new appointment isn’tisn’t surprising, considering Zackrisson has been working with the Better Collective for the past five months.

During this time, she worked as an external consultant for the company. As senior vice president of growth, Zackrisson will now be based in the company’s Stockholm office. According to Better Collective, he will assume his new role effective January 9, 2023. “I am excited about this unique opportunity and look forward to joining the team at this stage of the group’sgroup’s incredible growth trajectory. Zackrisson said it is exciting to join the company at such a crucial time and to contribute to its growth.

She realized she had the experience and knowledge to help Better Collective grow its business and transform the company for long-term, sustainable growth. The company’scompany’s recently appointed senior vice president of development added that diversity is significant. Concluding, Zackrisson said, “I look forward to continuing to raise awareness and make incremental changes so that Better Collective can become an even more diverse, profitable, and sustainable company.”

The Company’s Co-founder Welcomes Petra Zackrisson to the Team

Before joining Better Collective, Zackrisson was part of industry-leading companies. Most recently, she was part of KaizenGaming, serving as Director of Strategy and Business Development. Before that, she was an employee of the Betsson Group. During his tenure at Betsson, he held various managerial positions. “I am delighted to welcome Petra to our management team, where she will focus on how we can continue to grow our business.

Christian Kirk Rasmussen, co-founder, and COO of Better Collective, welcomed Zackrisson to the company’s leadership team. He acknowledged that Zackrisson originally joined the company as a consultant and now understands its strategic goals and processes. Lastly, Rasmussen said Zackrisson would build on his experience and help Better Collective grow.

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