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Betway Expands Agreement with Sportradar

Betway Expands Agreement with Sportradar

Sportradar, the undisputed industry leader in sports technology, and Betway have just signed a new partnership deal. The provider will supply the operator with customer relationship management solutions under the terms of the new agreement.

Betway has, per the announcement, chosen Sportradar as its only source of sports data and technology, thus strengthening the ties between the two firms. The scope of the agreement, which had previously only included sports betting services, has been broadened to encompass marketing and streaming resources.

The Audio Visual series, a solution that features a variety of live sports content from across the world, and the ad:s multi-channel performance marketing platform will now be powered by Sportradar and used by Betway.

Sportradar to Provide Betway with Its Ad:s and AV Solutions

Powered by Sportradar’s extensive knowledge of digital marketplaces and user habits, the ad:s service provides a reliable option for advertisers. The operator of a sports betting site can significantly expand its marketing reach using these technologies. Betway will benefit from increased player engagement, traffic directed into its display, video, and social channels, and a consequent increase in brand loyalty. Betway can provide its customers with individualized service thanks to this technology.

In contrast, the supplier’s AV solution features over 400,000 annual live sporting events. The operator’s ability to excite its audience with coverage of the most exciting athletic events globally will be substantially enhanced once the AV product is implemented. This consists of the NBA, MLB, and NHL of the United States, as well as the German Bundesliga and the Spanish Copa del Rey of Europe.

In addition to providing Betway with its popular Bet Entertainment Tools, Live Odds, Pre-Match Odds, and the delivery of Live Data from premier sports tournaments, Sportradar will continue to do so under the terms of the newly amended agreement.

Betway will be able to attract and retain a more extensive client base, increase its visibility and revenue, and make a more significant impact on the betting industry as a whole, thanks to the new terms of the agreement.

Betway Is Excited to Expand Its Agreement with the Supplier

Betway CEO Antony Werkman made a statement regarding the deal, expressing his company’s enthusiasm for the extended partnership with Sportradar. This is what he had to say:

We’re psyched about our new partnership with Sportradar, enabling us to interact with customers on their preferred devices, platforms, and channels, ultimately providing a superior sports-betting experience.

Sportradar’s chief commercial officer, Ed Blonk, took the opportunity to highlight the advantages his company provides to businesses. He said that Sportradar’s extensive knowledge of the sports industry and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are the foundations for his company’s intelligence-driven technology. As a result, the firm can back operators and aid in the latter’s customer acquisition.

Sportsbooks may now differentiate themselves from the increasingly competitive industry by providing a more individualized and customized customer experience.

In other news, Sportradar has expanded into Ohio in anticipation of the state’s upcoming launch of sports betting.

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