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Can AI and Data Revolutionise iGaming and Sports Betting?

Can AI and Data Revolutionise iGaming and Sports Betting?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to revolutionize the way gaming and sportsbook providers and operators operate, allowing them to unlock and use data in myriad new ways. Gambling News spoke to key industry figures to discuss how they are using this exciting technology. Read our interview with Ian Talbot, Director of Product at Future Anthem (IT), Alex Kornilov, CEO of BETEGY (AK), Thomas Aigner, Director of Business Development at Ibex.Ai (TA), Suren Khachatryan, Founder and CEO of Technamin (SK), Ismail Vali, CEO of Yield Sec (IV), and Francesco Borgosano, CEO of Huddle (FB). The corner’, would you say that AI is now fully integrated into the iGaming/Sports betting landscape, or are we still far away?

(IT) I think it would be fair to say we’re still a little way off, but we’re seeing a growing trend where personalization is working up the priority list for many. This is because the regulatory burden in Europe, combined with the pace at which US states are opening up, has eased somewhat. There is a huge amount of data within the iGaming and sports betting ecosystem, and this data lends itself perfectly to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Over time, more and more companies will take advantage of it to improve the gaming experience. (AK) In many ways, we are still a long way from the goal, but we are taking small steps toward it. 

When it comes to AI, what do we mean by that? 

We’re still a bit far from an artificial human brain, but we’re getting there. At this stage, we have GAI (general AI) already designed for tasks and working well. So for the industry, AI is a big boost for approaches like personalization and the like. However, when it comes to our industry integrating such technologies, we still have a long way to go. 

When he is here, he will change the industry as he will touch every sector and corner. As we break it down, we begin to see that every part of the process can be transformed. So what does that entail? Literally everything from behavioral patterns to security, which can be particularly important for cryptocurrency users. Of course, the most obvious area that will benefit from this is marketing and advertising.

TikTok is a great example of this; it was so successful because it took a proprietary algorithm and implemented it in such a way that each UX is personalized to a whole new level. (TA) AI is here, but I would say it’s still an exciting prospect, as we’re only beginning to see the early stages of the benefits it will bring to the industry. AI is available in many different formats that can support a variety of departments, such as compliance or marketing.In the current climate, it will allow for greater customization and automation between an operator and a customer, a key strategy in CRM.

What does the future of AI and machine learning look like to you?

The future of AI and machine learning within iGaming will result in players delivering a personalized experience at scale across their gaming activity. There is a lot of data available across the industry, be it affiliate, free spins and betting behaviour. There’s no reason why we can’t offer all customers (new or established) a more relevant, updated and personalized gaming experience. (AK) In my opinion, AI can solve a variety of world problems. Beyond what a human can produce himself, be it global warming, congestion or an optimized shopping list.

The same goes for gambling. We will be able to access customer profiles that could never be created without AI. We’re already seeing what AI can do in this regard: In a recent experiment, AI created an extremely accurate profile. By a customer solely based on a series of questions. The ability to provide what people want to see will change the user experience.

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