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CEASE Demands a Full Smoking Ban for Casinos by April

CEASE Demands a Full Smoking Ban for Casinos by April

CEASE created a video with their demands on erasing the single gap in New Jersey’s Smoke-Free Air Act before New Jersey governor Phil Murphy’s address to the state. In the video, CEASE calls for the loophole to be eliminated.

Casinos Are the Only Work Places in New Jersey Where Smoking Is Still Allowed

On January 10, CEASE published a video in which many casino employees spoke on behalf of all casino workers to voice a need for a comprehensive ban on smoking in casinos by April 15. The deadline for the prohibition was set for April 15.

Because this date will mark 17 years since the Smoke-Free Air Act of New Jersey went into effect, the deadline was selected with significant consideration. In 2006, smoking was made illegal in all indoor public locations in the United States. In 2018, smoking was forbidden in public spaces, including parks and beaches.

The Smoke-Free Air Act makes casinos the sole exemption, which means that smoking is still permitted within those establishments. Because of this, casino personnel in New Jersey are the only workers in the state still required to endure the harmful effects of being exposed to second-hand smoke.

This information is brought to light in the CEASE film by Pete Naccarelli, a dealer who works at Borgata.

Because of this, we are effectively the only set of employees in the state who are required to pick between our health and our paychecks.

Casino employees are shown in the film providing additional commentary on a report created by the casino consulting firm C3 Gaming. According to the analysis, a prohibition on smoking is not anticipated to have a discernible impact on the income generated by casinos. The casino sector in New Jersey will continue to delay the ban’s implementation and look for reasons why it should not be implemented, according to the information presented in the video.

The film produced by CEASE goes on to explain the widespread support that exists among senators and members of the Assembly, stating that there are over 70 sponsors who have indicated their acceptance. The representatives of CEASE assert that the only thing preventing the law from being passed is strong leadership.

Famous Influencer Also Says No to Smoking in Casinos

Famous casino gaming influencer Brian Christopher also supports a total smoking ban and the initiatives of CEASE. He also serves as an American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (ANR) ambassador.

He recently said he would no longer collaborate with casino floors or other gaming venues that permit smoking. Christopher defended his decision by pointing out that just 13% of US inhabitants smoke; therefore, he doesn’t see the need to retain smoking at casinos for the sake of such a small number of US residents.

Christopher said it is past time for the casino business to join other venues that have been smoke-free for a long time, such as restaurants and bars.

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