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EGBA Praised Ireland for Moving Forward with the Gambling Bill

EGBA Praised Ireland for Moving Forward with the Gambling Bill

In a press release, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) commended the Irish government’s efforts to introduce changes to the country’s regulatory framework for gambling, bringing it in line with the regulatory regimes of other EU member states.

Support for the New Gambling Bill

In response to today’s publication of the Gambling Regulations Act by the Irish Parliament, the EGBA welcomed the development as an essential milestone in the country’s journey to modernize its gambling regulations. Commenting on the product, EGBA Secretary General Maarten Haijer congratulated Minister Browne and his team for driving the bill forward and expressed the association’s and its members’ support for the Irish Government’s “continued efforts to create modern regulations that fit the digital age”. . and bring Ireland into line with its counterparts from the EU Member States. A vital part of the proposed new Gambling Regulation Bill will lead to the creation of a new gambling regulator 

 EGBA expressed hope that the new regulator would have the necessary resources and sufficient powers to target unlicensed gambling establishments. At the same time, they are open to a constructive dialogue with the license: operators, other gaming regulators and stakeholders to identify and implement industry best practices.

Safer Gambling Key to EGBA Members

To EGBA’s delight, the new bill also aims to establish a national self-exclusion register, a move the association has previously advocated as a safety net against gambling harm. EGBA took the opportunity to reaffirm its members’ commitment to promoting safer gaming in Ireland and the EU and their investment in a strong safer gaming culture within their business and in how they interact with their customers and the community. Public interact, highlight. Other proposals in the bill include creating a social fund to support problem gambling education and treatment, new rules for gambling advertising, and a ban on using credit cards to fund 

 gambling accounts. Ensuring that the result is a well-functioning regulatory system that protects the interests of the many Irish citizens who gamble safely and recreationally, sets a high level of protection for consumers and those who are harmed by gambling and provides long-term clarity and predictability for the gaming industry,” concluded Haider. According to the parliamentary procedure, the first reading of the Gambling Regulation Act is expected to occur in early 2023. If Parliament approves, the law will come into force by the end of 2023.

Bill Approval:

Commenting on the Irish Government’s initial approval of publication last month, James Browne, Secretary of State for Legislative Reform, said: “Reforming the laws and regulations governing gambling in Ireland is a critical commitment in our Government and Justice Plan, and it was one of my main priorities as Minister. I am pleased to have brought the bill to this point, and I now look forward to publishing it and submitting it to the chambers for adoption. “This legislation will establish a gambling regulator that will be strong, with an emphasis on preventing harm to those vulnerable to problem gambling and protecting children in particular, and also enforcing a 

 framework robust and modern regulatory framework for the gambling industry. Adding as a warning to potential licensees, added: “Operators offering gambling activities without a gambling license are issued by the authority or who do not act following the terms of their support may, in the event of a conviction with up to eight years in prison and a fine at the discretion of the courts.

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