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EGBA Proposes Creation of Standard Markers for Gambling Harm

EGBA Proposes Creation of Standard Markers for Gambling Harm

The European Committee for Standardization is considering an EGBA-sponsored proposal mandating the creation of standard in-game damage markers for the old continent.

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has proposed a proposal to create standard game damage markers in Europe.

Standard European Markers to Combat Gambling Addiction

The proposal was submitted to the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on Thursday as EGBA plans to improve customer protection and combat gaming harm. The association said creating a standardized list of markers in Europe would increase efforts against gambling-related injury. The initiative was supported by leading damage prevention experts and academic groups who signed a letter to support the creation of wildlife damage markers. The expert groups recognized that such features would help better understand problem gambling. At the same time, they were helping to reduce and prevent the harm caused by gambling in Europe. “We call on public standardization bodies, gaming authorities, and other interested parties to concertedly support this sensible offer to develop a standard for damage labels in Europe.

EGBA Secretary General Maarten Haijer called for using common sense in developing standard wildlife damage markers in Europe. He explained that gaming regulators, standards bodies, and other stakeholders in the industry could work together to achieve this. Haider said standard gaming damage markers would prevent problem gambling, enhance customer protection, or fight risky gambling. In conclusion, the EGBA Secretary General said: “The process to develop the standard would bring together the knowledge and experience of academics, researchers, related harm prevention experts and other stakeholders to work together towards the common goal of preventing related harms with the game.

Health Experts to Help with the Development of Harm Markers

CEN, responsible for developing standards for the old continent, has initiated a consultation with the national standardization bodies (ONN) of European countries and their members to decide whether the EGBA proposal for a European standard Game damage markers should be allowed. “EGBA believes that a standardized and reliable list of damage markers is essential to prevent game-related damage in Europe. “As a result, one will be able to vote on the issue later this month. If the EGBA proposal is approved, public health professionals, wildlife regulators, and operators can join the discussion and help create standard game damage markers.

If the recommended proposals are adopted, relevant stakeholders, including academics, health professionals, regulators, operators, and consumer organizations, can engage in discussions on the development of the standard. 

Along with the proposal, a group of academics also signed a joint letter of support for the harm marking standard, stating that its development would “encourage collaborative research” to improve understanding of problem gambling and support harm prevention in Europe.

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