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Elevation Entertainment Proposes New Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada

Elevation Entertainment Proposes New Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada

California grounded Elevation Entertainment has blazoned plans for a new summerhouse resort in Reno, directly across from the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.

The New Casino Resort Is Expected to Open Doors in 4 Years

Local news outlet 2News reported that gaming and housing developer Elevation Entertainment had proposed a new casino resort in Reno, Nevada, called Firecreek Resort Casino. The Company is acquiring two lots directly across from the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, located at the corner of Kietzke Lane and South Virginia Street. They’ve precisely chosen the position as they hope to attract excursionists and businesses guests. The two spots that will house the new complex span 12 acres and 8 acres, bringing the total area of the proposed complex to 20 acres. Still, Ryan Stone, CEO of Elevation Entertainment, has noted that similar deals take a long time.

He also stated that it would take at least two times before construction began and another two times to complete the summerhouse resort. Still, he believes the original community will be agitated about his new design. The community will love it. The website needs an overhaul, and our design reflects what Reno is about. Stone also said they have a lot of work ahead of them, but they hope to involve the original community and garner as necessary support. So far, Elevation Entertainment has developed and presently operates in two venues.

One is located in San Diego and is called Seven Mile Casino. The other venue, monuments Gambling Hall, is located in Citrus Heights, Sacramento.

The New Casino Resort Will Offer a Public Park

Elevation Entertainment has released some plans and renders for its Reno Casino Resort design. The summerhouse resort will have a games room and a hostel. The hall, which will gauge over,000 square bases, will offer callers, 250 niche machines, and a variety of more than 40 table games. There is also a sports lying house. The hostel will have 200 apartments and suites.

There will also be colorful dining options, a food court, and multiple cafes. The complex will also house its beer theater. According to published definitions, Firecreek Resort Casino will also include a community demesne open to the public.

Ryan Stone, one of the directors of Elevation Entertainment, says, “The communities are going to love it. I think the site needs a redesign and I think our design reflects what Reno is all about. Same lot, a family-run Christmas tree shop has been selling trees at this location since 2008, but the owner says he’s always attached to the view thinks he has to move. Matthew Altemus, the owner of Reno Christmas Trees tells us, “We love the people of Reno and our customer base, so even if we have to relocate, we plan to return’’. Elevation Entertainment has released renders like the proposed Firecreek Crossing Resort casino. Building the Casino directly across from the Reno-Sparks Convention Center attracted more tourists and business travelers.

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