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EvenBet Gaming Introduces Game Constructor Tool to Empower Operators

EvenBet Gaming Introduces Game Constructor Tool to Empower Operators

EvenBet Gaming has launched its Game Constructor tool, a feature designed to customize the final gaming product developed by the company, allowing operators to ensure their portfolios remain competitive while remaining the same Provide core experience.

EvenBet Empowers Operators and Lets Them Customize Games

In other words, Game Constructor is a tool that allows operators to change the experience of any of the more than 30 poker games developed by the company. This allows each brand to customize metrics they know players like best or have been specifically looking for. Operators can effectively change the number of players in each game and the number of cards dealt in table games, such as the lowest and highest cards in the deck, and adjust things like whether discards are visible. Operators can offer variations on the core poker experience and enjoy even more valuable options designed specifically for them. There are numerous ways to customize the experience by bringing in Crazy Omaha, Nude Omaha, and Omaha 7-sheet pre-flop.

The operators have the final say on which games to present to the players and adjust them based on the feedback.

Players Get the Products They Have Always Wanted

You can even use the Game Constructor to create titles based on community requests or votes. Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of EvenBet Gaming, commented on this tool: “We are incredibly excited to launch this new tool. Game Constructor significantly increases an operator’s experience, freedom to create a unique offering, and ability to differentiate themselves not through bonus size but through creative mechanisms that increase engagement and brand equity. EvenBet is rightly focusing on more customization options as players increasingly expect customized solutions across the board. 

Starostenkov said that, Ultimately, EvenBet Gaming wanted operators to use the tool to act on the accumulated knowledge and use it to create experiences players would appreciate.


Leading online gaming software developer, EvenBet Gaming, has significantly enhanced its platform by developing a comprehensive game customization tool that allows operators to differentiate their offering with unique content seamlessly. With the Game Constructor tool, operators can easily customize any of the 30+ existing games on the EvenBet platform to the specific preferences of their players. This includes changing the number of players in fun, the number of cards dealt, discarded, or used in melds on the table, the lowest and highest cards in the deck, and the visibility of discarded cards. As a result, operators can offer variations of Poker that deviate from traditional games but are quickly gaining popularity as players seek new ways to play. For example, in Crazy Omaha, players are dealt four cards and can use any five community cards; in Nude Omaha, the buried cards are visible to all players; and Omaha 7 Sheer pre-flop sells players seven cards, five of which must be folded post-flop.

In addition to this room and table customization options, operators can use the tool to tag specific games and tournaments, ensuring their offerings align with their company’s core values. Operators can create, test and maintain as many custom games as they like. , and testing potential game formats before making them available to your player base.

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