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Gaming Society Partners with IGI to Gain Insight into Female Bettors

Gaming Society Partners with IGI to Gain Insight into Female Bettors

The study aims to understand better female sports fans, betting behavior in female sports, women who participate in sports betting activities, and sponsorship coming to women’s sports.

The Collaboration Will Focus on Female Sports Bettors

IGI, UNLV’s academic research center, and sports betting operator Gaming Society are collaborating to make women’s sports and betting on them more accessible, inclusive, and engaging for sports fans, bettors, and sponsors.

But women bettors will be the main focus of the study because only a little is known about their betting habits, what drives them to bet, and how they feel about betting and sports in general. This information will help the sports betting industry find and connect with more female sports fans and learn more about how women bet.

As part of the collaboration, the Gaming Society and IGI will develop and expand educational programs on responsible gambling. One of their projects will broaden and improve the Gaming Society’s Betting Academy 101.

These educational initiatives aim to keep bettors up to date on industry developments and to help them better understand the new opportunities that technologies provide in the sector and the numerous challenges that come with innovative advancements.

Furthermore, the collaboration will result in establishing a mentor program involving UNLV students and professionals from the sports betting industry, which will provide students with opportunities to begin a career in the industry.

Executives from the Gaming Society and IGI Are Thrilled about the New Partnership

Naturally, the Gaming Society and IGI were ecstatic about the new collaboration.

“Advancement of women’s sports business depends on an appreciation of the value women’s sport offers to fans and sponsors,” said Nancy Lough, Co-Director of Sports Research and Innovation at UNLV. We will work together to raise awareness of the exciting business opportunities in women’s sports while establishing UNLV’s IGI and Gaming Society as the go-to source for thought leadership and workforce development.”

Brett Abarbanel, the Executive Director of IGI, said that the educational programs that will be a part of the partnership are critical. Abarbanel noted that the research would be significant for figuring out how betting on sports can help improve and grow female sports.

Jaymee Messler, who helped found Gaming Society, is enthusiastic about the partnership. She pointed out that analytical research and data collection are the only ways to drive innovation in the sports betting industry. He went on to say that the research conducted in collaboration with IGI, the results of which will be made available by the end of the year, will assist sports teams, leagues, and team sponsors in gaining a better understanding of their fan base.

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