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Georgia to Retry Sports Betting Legalization

Georgia to Retry Sports Betting Legalization

Georgia’s failed bid to legalize sports activities by having a bet in 2022 no longer discouraged playing proponents. Despite the disappointment of anti-playing groups, many consider that creating the vertical could gain the economy.

Georgia Failed to Legalize Sports Betting in 2022

Georgia is a kingdom with a long time of traditions in sports activities. However, wagering on sports activities remains illegal, no matter the efforts to extradite that. Despite the setbacks, lawmakers plan to have any other cross at it and reintroduce sports activities having a bet invoice withinside the subsequent legislative session, which opens today. Suppose the whole lot is going consistent with the plans. In that case, sports activities having a bet might also become a reality, permitting punters to region wagers on their preferred sports activities teams. If the kingdom legalizes the vertical, it might also legalize cellular sports activities having a bet. For this to become a reality, the theoretical invoice should be authorized using the kingdom House and Senate. This might also be the challenging component as a few lawmakers continue to need more clarification approximately the blessings of sports activities having a bet.

People in Atlanta Are Divided

For example, Mike Griffin, a board member of the Georgia Baptist Mission, believes that legalizing sports betting is a slippery slope. According to him, it would encourage advocates of other “sin industries” to speak out, and he fears it may one day lead to the legalization of drugs and prostitution. Additionally, Griffin is concerned that sports betting will increase gambling addiction and bankruptcy rates. He found that sports betting tends to be highly addictive and very dangerous. On the other hand, the professional sports bettors argued that the vertical was just another type of money game.

Considering that lotteries are already legal in the state, many people believe that sports betting will not dramatically impact crime rates and gambling losses. Monica Robinson, a member of the Metro Atlanta Community, said she would support sports betting as long as it’s regulated and a portion of the proceeds are reinvested in areas where it’s needed. His opinion was shared by Ejriece Robinson, who stated that regulation is indeed necessary, but other than that, there is no reason not to legalize sports betting.

Stephens Is Certain that Sports Betting Would Benefit the State

Ron Stephens, an avid sports fan, said that, unfortunately, people fail to see the inherent similarities between lotteries and sports betting and are more inclined toward the latter. Stephens backed previous bills and confirmed that the legislature would try again to legalize sports betting during the next parliament. He believes that a properly taxed and regulated sports betting industry would do wonders for the economy and notes that some of the profits can be used to cure compulsive gamblers.

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