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Haven Gaming to Build Danville Casino in IL

Haven Gaming to Build Danville Casino in IL
  • Haven Gaming to Build Danville Casino in IL
  • Haven Gaming LLC feels strong on casino projects in Danville
  • Midwest lacks quality casino resort; company believes
  • gambling demand grows despite falling profits

Haven Gaming LLC is boldly moving forward with a new elite casino resort in Danville. The company hopes to launch a new select casino resort in the area.

Danville Casino Project Arriving

Casino operator Haven Gaming LLC has announced plans to invest in a new property in Danville, Illinois. The investment will be worth $230 million, with the proposed casino project including 1,800 slot machines and 40 gaming tables. Haven Gaming’s announcement comes at a time when revenue has been steadily declining at all ten casinos in the state. According to observers, the investment could reach $250 million as the proposed amount is conservative. Meanwhile, Danville officials have already shown enthusiasm for the upcoming project.

Potential profits could be $21.7 million in annual sales. With the launch of sports betting in Indiana on Thursday, October 3rd, Illinois was surrounded by states where gambling is legal. Previously only Nevada had a legalized industry, but that is changing quickly.

Bringing Businesses Under the Same Roof

Haven Gaming is not based on a traditional casino business model. According to the company’s CEO, Bill Bembenek, casino-goers require much more than their current experience. That requires a new paradigm that allows them to have fun: “Things have evolved dramatically since then, and I mean that consumers, particularly casino-goers, expect more from a casino experience. This is more than the typical casino experience.

Bembenek was assisted by company attorney Scotty Sypolt, who also outlined Haven’s plans for his project. According to Sypolt, the Midwest lacked a high-quality casino resort that could quickly become a hot spot. From across the state line. Additionally, competitors, most notably from Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures, have attempted to lay claim to Danville and set up a casino resort. The project is a 60-minute drive away and provides an excellent business base. , Appreciation. In addition, the Danville project would have a solid local base to draw on, with approximately 2.4 million residents in the area.

Gambling’s ‘Crack Cocaine,’ Says John Kindt

Not everyone was so lucky, however. UI Professor Emeritus John Kindt has dubbed gambling the crack cocaine of youth and warned of the likelihood of people flocking to casinos. Kindt said that young people would most likely turn to mobile and online gaming when looking for new ways to play. He also pointed to the development of the industry. In the 1990s, casinos had to stay away from populated areas, but this has changed significantly as “slots” have been brought directly to students. More importantly, Kindt warns that 10% of the younger generation have already shown signs of gambling problems:

“This is the polar opposite of everything we teach. Why get a job? Get rich quickly. Why do an apprenticeship? Get rich quickly.

Students think they’re bulletproof. They believe they [sic] will win. Haven objects that gambling is already well established in the region, with more than 300 venues already offering to gamble. When revenue falls, demand only increases, a 2019 Government Forecasting and Accountability Commission report shows. These are some of the numbers:

  • Illinois ranks fourth in the Midwest at $1.34 billion, behind Indiana ($2.11 billion), Missouri ($1.73 billion), and Iowa ($1.45 billion).
  • Video games generate $1.59 billion in net revenue from gaming terminals. Starting in the 2018/2019 financial year, it is expected to increase from 32,000 gaming terminals to 35,000 in 2020

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