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Hölle Games Joins First Look Games, Targets Key Markets

Hölle Games Joins First Look Games, Targets Key Markets

Hell Games has partnered with First Look Games, a platform that helps developers in the iGaming industry market launches their games quickly and reliably. Hölle Games focuses on the highly competitive online slots market in Europe and will benefit from launching with First Look Games as it would be easier for the provider to promote its products and align them with established companies in key markets.

Hölle Games Trusts First Look Games for Further Exposure

Already aware of the challenges of successful product marketing, Hell Games has chosen to trust First Look Games as a powerful facilitator of marketing efforts. This alliance allows the provider to gain ground with operators in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland, the company’s main markets. The provider can share information about its current and future releases with several high-traffic publishers and affiliates and promote the company’s games. Hell is free to upload their titles, images, logos and videos of the games played directly to the First. 

 Look Games platform. Additionally, Hölle Games will have complete control over their assets thanks to the FLG Studio Management Center, which allows developers to control which assets are available in which markets.

The developer can also send information to affiliated companies and provide them with additional tools to increase their reach. First Look Games founder Tom Galanis celebrated the arrival of Hölle Games as the newest studio to join the platform with the opportunity to gain further exposure from different audiences. Added Galanis: At First Look Games, we understand new studios’ challenges, particularly in marketing, and that’s why we’re offering a unique starter pack aimed at developers like Hell Games who are just starting their business to bring momentum. Robert Lenzhofer, CEO and co-founder of Hölle Games, said it’s essential for any brand and company to be known.

Hölle Games remains focused on Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland and welcomes the opportunity to partner with a platform to help expand the provider’s reach. Hölle Games to the next level with the help of our friends at First Look Games,” says Lenzhofer.

Hölle Games Joins the First Look Revolution

As a start-up developer, Hölle Games is aware of the challenges of promoting its games to players and operators, both in terms of internal resource allocation and in terms of reducing the noise generated by competitors in its core markets of Germany is caused. Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium. Aiming to become a leading provider in its native Germany, the studio will now use the First Look Games platform to connect directly with hundreds of approved publishers. As a partner of First Look Games, Hölle Games can share information about each of its classic and premium video slot titles, including logos, images and videos of the same being played. These are hosted in a dedicated library where partners can download information and assets individually or in bulk. The developer can manage all data and help through the FLG Studio admin centre, where they can highlight exclusive contracts and even add and remove jurisdictions for each game.

Most importantly, Hölle Games has complete control over what information is made available to affiliates and when it is made available to them. FLG also offers a range of tools to ensure that content and ratings posted by partners are accurate and understandable.

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