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Jackpocket Joins the Gift Responsibly Campaign for Fifth Year in a Row

Jackpocket Joins the Gift Responsibly Campaign for Fifth Year in a Row

Lottery ticket retailer Jackpocket has officially announced its participation in the 2022 Responsible Gifting campaign. The project aims to raise awareness of the risks of giving away lottery tickets to minors and brings together community organizations and lotteries worldwide behind its cause. Jackpocket is a long-time supporter of the campaign and is highly respected for its responsible gaming efforts.

The Campaign Seeks To Prevent Youth Gambling

This year’s Gift Responsibly campaign was made possible through the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and the International Center for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University. The 2022 campaign was supported by hundreds of organizations helping to educate communities about the dangers of giving away lottery tickets to children and the associated risks of gambling among youth. The 2022 campaign enjoyed significant participation from US, Canadian and European lotteries and dozens of non-lottery organizations worldwide. Many partners have pledged to contribute TV and radio spots, digital media content, and in-store signage to spread the vital message of the Initiative. According to campaign organizers, youth gambling has become a significant and growing public health issue. Involving such high-profile organizations is critical to ensure their alerts reach as many people as possible.

Jackpocket is the first official third-party lottery ticket app in the US, so your contribution will significantly contribute to the cause. NCPG CEO Keith Whyte praised the company’s long-standing support and took the opportunity to reiterate the campaign’s motto. We applaud Jackpocket’s commitment to raising young people’s awareness of the risks of gambling. Our message is simple: lottery tickets are never an appropriate gift for children. The NCPG bases its warnings on several studies of the effects of lottery tickets on children.

The worrying results suggested that early exposure could lead to problematic gambling tendencies later in life. Such disclosure could be seemingly harmless, such as B. when you give your child a scratch card.

Jackpocket Is a Strong Proponent of Responsible Gaming

Jackpocket has built a strong reputation for its unwavering commitment to player protection. The company was the first third-party lottery provider to receive NCPG responsible gaming certification due to its focus on implementing features that promote responsible gaming. Users can set daily deposit and spending limits, use self-exclusion options, and easily access secure gaming information and support. Peter Sullivan, Jackpocket’s Founder and CEO, reiterated the company’s stance on problem gambling and promoted a safe and sustainable business model that benefits players and operators alike. We’re proud to support the NCPG in raising awareness that lottery tickets and scratch cards are appropriate adult-only gifts. 

Sullivan noted that while the campaign only ran over the holiday season, its message applied throughout the year. With a presence in 13 states following its recent expansion, the company makes your voice essential to getting the campaign’s message across.

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