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Maine Prepares for Sports Betting Launch, Publishes Drafted Rules

Maine Prepares for Sports Betting Launch, Publishes Drafted Rules

Maine’s sports betting market could launch before the end of the year. Wagering on sports was authorized in 2022, but no sportsbooks are currently functioning in the state.

Full Steam Ahead with Sports Betting

In August, after the passage of LD 585 in May, sports betting was authorized. This has resulted in legalized sports wagering in Pine Tree State, although it has yet to commence betting operations formally.

Under Maine’s betting system, up to ten retail sportsbooks and four internet sports betting businesses might operate in the state. The online licenses will be distributed to Maine’s four recognized tribes. In response to her recent veto threat, Democratic Governor Janet Mills aimed to pacify the tribes.

This year or early next year is expected to mark the debut of the state’s sports betting market. The state’s regulatory agency still needs to provide a date estimate.

Maine Published the Proposed Betting Rules

The Maine Gambling Control Unit has released the proposed rules for the vertical in preparation for the imminent launch of real money sports betting. Although the laws that the Control Unit defined are not yet etched in stone, they do provide a glimpse of what will eventually be in place.

Over the previous two weeks, the state regulator had been diligently working on writing the guidelines and had been extremely busy consulting stakeholders regarding their perspectives on the topic. In addition, the regulatory body has planned a public hearing on the 31st of January, during which it will elaborate on its regulatory vision more thoroughly.

According to Milt Champion, the executive director of the Maine Gambling Control Unit, the state of Maine will most likely begin issuing licenses for online sports betting between April and January. However, he said that particular dates could not be addressed at this time, despite the general public growing increasingly impatient.

I am aware that this is a contentious issue. I know that everyone wants it to come out during the Super Bowl or the NCAA tournament. But let’s face it. It’s just not going to work out like that.

He has stated in the past that he does not enjoy letting other people down, but when it comes to issues of this nature, he prefers to be as practical as possible.

Champion did not provide any specific dates, but he did affirm that there will not be any sports betting shortly. He stated this without giving any particular dates. The process would continue to move toward the eventual launch of sports betting when punters in Maine finally can join the community of sports bettors that spans multiple states. This would be accomplished by steadily advancing the process.

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