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Number of Poker Tables in Massachusetts May Increase

Number of Poker Tables in Massachusetts May Increase

Just Before the global pandemic, Encore Boston Harbor and MGM Springfield offered 95 poker tables combined. These tables worked 24 hours a day, every day of the week. After various COVID-related restrictions were implemented, the two venues temporarily suspended offering poker. In January of this year, Encore reintroduced poker as part of their offering, while MGM reintroduced poker in October last year. Given the limited number of poker tables, a new report suggests the state regulator could try that number.

Earlier this week, members of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) met with representatives from the three casinos. According to a report by The Sun, the regulator may be exploring options to increase the number of poker tables available at the state’s three venues. MGC President Cathy Judd-Stein announced that the commission continues to receive inquiries from residents asking when poker will expand. She said, “This is just anecdotal, but we get many, many inquiries…about the need to expand access.”

Only 29 Poker Tables are Currently Available

Brad Hill, one of Massachusetts’ gaming regulators, described the number of poker tables across the state as worrying. Poker services have resumed following the Covid-19-related closures, but there are currently only 29 poker tables. Available. Fourteen poker tables are available at MGM Springfield, while Encore Boston Harbor offers the remaining 15. the proposed increase in poker tables in Massachusetts after many calls emphasizing the need for better access.

According to Mr Hills, the number of poker tables in the state is low. In addition, he emphasized that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is trying to show its willingness to respond to requests for more poker tables. Believes that state residents and voters would be happier if they had access to increased availability of poker tables at facilities where such offerings are currently permitted.

The number of Poker Tables, Working Hours May Increase

Brad Hill, MGC Commissioner, added that the number of tables across the state is of concern. Only 29 poker tables have been available since the activity restarted. MGM Springfield offers 14 poker tables, while Encore Boston Harbor provides 15. “I hope we get the message across to our licensees very clearly that I, as Commissioner, would like to see those numbers continue to rise if possible. Brad Hill, Massachusetts Gambling Commissioner

Hill explained that the number of these tables “seems very, very small”. He also emphasized that the MGC is trying to send a clear message to licensees in the state that it expects the number of poker tables to continue to grow. “I think our constituents and citizens of Massachusetts would like to be able to play a little more poker at this facility than they are now allowed to play,”

MGM Springfield Poker offers daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm to 3:00 am. Encore Boston Harbor’s official website reveals that the on-site poker room is open Monday through Thursday. Every week, the 15 poker tables are available from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm m. to 8:00 pm m. However, these working days and hours seem to need more to meet the growing demand in the state.

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