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Paddy Power Motivates Wales ahead of ‘Cup Final’ with England

Paddy Power Motivates Wales ahead of 'Cup Final' with England

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power showed their support for the Welsh international football team by partnering with former internationals Cliff Jones and Tery Medwin and supporting over 1000 sheep.

‘SHEEP > LIONS,’ the Tagline Runs.

The two surviving members of the last Welsh team to reach the World Cup took part in an orchestrated message at the Gower Salt Marsh Farm outside Swansea with the help of 1,200 sheep used to convey the message that “SHEEP>LIONS” ahead of tomorrow’s Group B World Cup clash between Wales and England. According to the bookmaker, the 1,248 square meter sign of up to 160 sheep per letter with the warning message sets a Guinness World Record for the most significant formation of sheep. A spokesman for Flutter Entertainment bookmaker said the news is intended to encourage Welsh players who are about to reach their cup final. , noting that, unlike Ireland, Wales “made it to this tournament and are now at the other end of the world taking on England. The Red Dragons currently lie bottom of the Group A match, followed by the United States after a stunning 2-0 defeat by Iran, decided by two added-time goals late in the second half.

“This is their cup final,” added the announcer, arguing that “they didn’t wait 64 years and travel all the way to be molested by a neighbor.”

England on Wales’ Path to Progression

Tomorrow’s game will also require some of Gareth Bale’s magic, as Wales need a win to keep their hopes of progressing to the knockout stages of the tournament alive. ” We wanted to shoot a communication of support from the cage to Rob Page and advise Southgate Wales is coming for lamb, and they plan to show what they are made of guts, frippery. and76.3 hair,” the prophet added. Former Wales and Tottenham Hotspur player Jones reflected that for the Welsh, there’s” no lesser feeling than beating the English, whatever the sport,” as it is so ingrained in Welsh culture that “even sheep do it.” This massive message of support from our precious sheep population will inspire even more of the children of Qatar,” concluded Jones.

Paddy Power’s sheep-building message is the latest World Cup initiative from the bookmaker, who earlier this month teamed up with former England international Peter Crouch to release a celebratory charity album ahead of the tournament,

The message ‘SHEEP> LIONS’ was delivered outside at Gower Salt Marsh Farm by former internationals Cliff Jones, 87, and Terry Medwin, 90, the two surviving members of the last Welsh team to reach the World Cup. Swan sea Paddy Power, spokesman for the Irish betting company of the same name, said: “As an Irish brand we know all about being underdogs at the World Cup. Unlike us, our Celtic cousins ​​made it to this tournament and now they face England on the other side of the world. “This is his cup final. You haven’t waited 64 years and traveled all this way to be molested by a neighbor.

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