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Paf and Color Line Sign New Contract to Continue Partnership

Paf and Color Line Sign New Contract to Continue Partnership

Finland-based online gaming company Paf announced that it had extended its agreement with Norwegian cruise and ferry operator Color Line to continue providing gaming equipment on board.

Gambling Equipment on Board

The new long-time agreement between Paf and Color Line will make specific Paf maintains to deliver the gaming system on board all five passenger ships operated via way of means of Norwegian’s most significant cruise and ferry enterprise. Color Line operates five passenger ships on four great routes between Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. Commenting on the brand new agreement, Paf leader govt officer Christer Fahlstedt hailed Color Line as a “well-run and terrific transport enterprise that has weathered the sturdy winds withinside the industry,” and notwithstanding the many tough times for the collaboration because of the epidemic, he stated that Paf is calling ahead to persisting with their adventure together. Paf and Color Line has been partnering for the once six times. The playing enterprise has been supplying the passenger ships’ onboard gaming system, consisting of slot machines, leisure video games, and desk video games. The demanding situations within the past few years posed via way of means of the pandemic no longer forestall the companions from growing their collaboration. Thomas Gudbjerg, govt vice chairman of Commercial & Hotel Operations on board the Color Line ships, expressed his and the enterprise’s gratitude to Paf for being “a very good companion that has contributed” loads to the improvement of Color Line gaming operations.

Responsible Gaming as a Factor

“Together with Paf, we have succeeded in bringing gaming operations to a new level,” he continued, citing Paf’s firm stance on responsible gaming, which is essential for a cruise and ferry operator that cares thoroughly and focused on ensuring customer satisfaction for its passengers is critical. Paf recently took another significant step to strengthen its responsible gaming policy by introducing a lower gaming loss limit for those aged 18-24 of €10,000 ($10,600) per year, half of their standard annual player loss limit. To improve its product offer, Paf has invested in the development of 

 entertainment games in recent years with the introduction of the new cashless arcade concept; its slot machines have been constantly renewed and the game offer updated, and Paf COO Lasse Danielsson is convinced that the investment will continue in the future. Danielsson claimed that Paf managed to generate a higher revenue than before during the pandemic, noting that “to continue this evolution,” the company would “invest in further improvements to the gaming experience” through new slots and revamped gaming areas.

The new long-term agreement was signed with Color Line

Paf was a partner of the Norwegian shipping company Color Line. Paf offers onboard amusement games in slot machines, amusement games, and physical table games. Color Line has now decided to sign a new term with Paf. “Paf has been a good partner who has contributed to the positive development of our gaming operations,” says Thomas Gudbjerg, Executive Vice President of Inflight Business and Hotel Operations. Color Line is Norway’s largest shipping company for passenger ships operating to and from Norway.

The shipping company operates five ships on four international routes between Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. Paf has been providing onboard gaming entertainment for six years.

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