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PokerMatch to Join Playtech iPoker Network via New Deal

PokerMatch to Join Playtech iPoker Network via New Deal

Playtech, the world’s leading gaming technology company, is pleased to welcome PokerMatch to its iPoker network, one of the largest and most established poker rooms in Eastern Europe. Leading technology provider to the gaming industry, Playtech, has partnered with PokerMatch, the largest poker room in Eastern Europe.

Playtech and PokerMatch Unveil New Agreement

An exciting new collaboration was announced on Wednesday, which will see PokerMatch join forces with iPoker, Playtech’s popular international network of poker rooms. Different jurisdictions around the world. At the same time, Playtech stated that iPoker “offers an excellent liquidity pool” and that the network is one of the top 5 poker platforms worldwide. “We are delighted to welcome PokerMatch to the iPoker network. Marat Koss, Playtech’s vice president of interactive games, said the company is excited about the partnership with PokerMatch.

PokerMatch has expanded its presence in Europe, becoming one of the leading operators in Eastern Europe within just six years of its inception. In closing, Koss said that Playtech looks forward to the success the partnership with PokerMatch will bring while at the same time helping the poker room continue to grow. “We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with PokerMatch as it continues to grow and break new records”,

In line with Playtech’s broader strategy, the iPoker network is geared for growth in regulated markets worldwide. It is one of the longest-running and well-established networks in the industry, offering an outstanding liquidity pool backed by world-class software and services designed to meet regulatory requirements in multiple jurisdictions.

PokerMatch Grew Significantly since 2016

PokerMatch was established in 2016 and continues to bring attractive and exciting new opportunities to its players. The leading poker room organizes various guaranteed tournaments, series, and lucrative promotions. Its operation is supported by flexible and innovative software that adapts to a broad audience of players from all corners of the world. To further improve the experience for its players, PokerMatch has promised to introduce special bonuses once the transition to iPoker is complete. According to the leading poker room, special promotions details are expected via their social media channels and website.

“We at PokerMatch are very inspired and excited about this iconic moment. Partnering with a gaming industry giant like Playtech is an event that will be remembered for a lifetime and will undoubtedly become one of the most significant achievements of our company. “Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch International, announced that the company’s team is excited to work with Playtech. He recognized that this collaboration represents a milestone and one of the most important collaborations for PokerMatch. Bangert said that after just six years, the poker room had made significant progress considering that major international companies are considering partnering with them.

While congratulating the PokerMatch team for their efforts, he thanked Playtech for their support and accessible communication.

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