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Sapphire Las Vegas

Sapphire Las Vegas

Sapphire Las Vegas, the world’s most prominent gentlemen’s club, wants to offer more entertainment to its visitors. The venue plans to capitalize on the growing popularity of gambling and add poker machines to its offering. However, this is easier said than done. 

Sapphire must register

Sapphire Las Vegas requires national and state approval to proceed with its objectives. Sapphire’s hopes may not come true. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Clark County commissioners are reluctant to approve the club. Entertainment stores must be 250 feet apart. The Commissioners may grant a waiver of this 43-year-old rule.

Sapphire Las Vegas will have to await Clark County’s decision. The latter will announce his verdict in October or later. The commissioners will then decide whether Sapphire Las Vegas warrants an exception. Sapphire’s operations officers must verify this and whether a gambling license is harmful to club staff or guests.

Sapphire Has to Acquire a License

Sapphire Las Vegas must obtain a state permit and state gaming license to proceed with its plans. However, this may be more challenging than Sapphire had hoped. The Las Vegas Review-Journal, a local news outlet, reported that Clark County commissioners are somewhat reluctant to license the club. Already 43 years old, which is why the officers can decide on an exception.

Currently, Sapphire Las Vegas will have to wait for the Clark County Commissioners to decide. The latter announced that they would wait until October to tell their decision. At that time, the commissioners will consider whether Sapphire Las Vegas is entitled to an exception. This is subject to review by Sapphire’s business officers and whether they can conclude that a gaming license would not harm the club’s employees or customers.

The Club Wants to Mitigate the Post-COVID Damages

Sapphire’s decision to diversify its offering stems from its underperforming business. The venue has been negatively impacted by COVID-19, resulting in a sharp drop in attendance. As a result, the company lost around a quarter of its customer base. Also, in 2020 the club was closed for a long time and was one of the last places to reopen. In June, the club applied for a restricted gaming license and asked the Nevada regulator to allow it to operate up to 15 slot machines. 

However, the Nevada Resort Association is concerned that if commissioners grant Sapphire an exception, it could set a precedent for other strip clubs seeking the same treatment. On the other hand, Sapphire Las Vegas won’t be the first Las Vegas strip club to receive a limited license, as two different venues, Club Platinum and Play It Again Sam, already offer to gamble. The Commissioners will decide whether Sapphire is eligible for a license and will announce their decision in October or later.

Sapphire’s weak business led to diversification. COVID-19 has reduced attendance at the venue. The company lost 25% of its customers. The club was also one of the last to reopen in 2020. In June, the club applied to the Nevada regulator to allow it to operate up to 15 slot machines.

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