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Scientific Games Backs NCPG’s Responsible Education Program

Scientific Games Backs NCPG's Responsible Education Program

Scientific Games, a global provider of retail and digital products, services, and technology for lottery and sports betting operators and platforms, has announced its support for Gift Responsibly, a National Council on Problem Gambling holiday campaign.

The Company Supports NCPG’s Gift Responsibly Initiative

Participation in the program complements Scientific Games’ commitment to responsible gaming education. Ultimately, the Gift Responsibly campaign aims to educate and raise awareness that lottery products are inappropriate gifts for children. This year marks the fifth consecutive year that Scientific Games has supported NCPG’s Gift Responsibly Campaign. Gift Responsibly is a campaign that started over a decade ago. Since its inception in the early 2000s, the campaign has focused on raising awareness of the risks of gambling among young people.

In addition, the initiative seeks to educate communities about the risks associated with children playing the lottery. To increase its campaign efforts, the NCPG partnered with leading organizations that helped promote the campaign and reach new audiences. The sole effort towards responsible gaming by Scientific Games. The company also has a responsible gambling program called Healthy Play. The program offers various educational tools that the company’s lottery partners can use.

According to Scientific Games, these tools help players “learn lottery skills, including knowing the appropriate age to purchase and play lottery games.”

Gaming Education:

Scientific Games has reaffirmed its commitment to raising awareness about responsible gaming through the annual National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) Gift Responsibly holiday campaign. Keith Whyte, CEO of.NCPG commented, “Gambling problems among youth have become a significant and growing public health concern. We applaud Scientific Games’ commitment to raising awareness of the risks of gambling among young people through the Gift Responsibly. Rep campaign.

“Our message is simple: lottery tickets are never an appropriate gift for children. The company has integrated this Gift Responsibly initiative into its ongoing Healthy Play responsible gaming program, which provides Lotteries with innovative products and tools and promotes the slogan “Have fun. Do good. Play Healthy” in Europe, which supports the initiative’s mission.

Healthy Play’s Responsible Gaming Program provides lotteries with tools to help players gain lottery knowledge.

The Collaboration Boosts SG’s Commitment to Responsible Gaming

Carla Schaefer, Vice President of Responsible Gaming at Scientific Games, acknowledged that efforts to prevent underage gambling need to continue. At the same time, she recognized that lottery games should never be given to minors. Last but not least, Schaefer said: “This means you need to know the minimum age for buying lottery games where you live or travel and to report underage sales of lottery products. “Lotto games should never be given to minors. Carla Schaefer, VP of Games, Responsible for Scientific Games

Scientific Games supports responsible giving and offers its educational program, Healthy Gaming, but has also created a Healthy Gaming Guide. Scientific Games explained that the Guide is an online publication supporting Responsible Gaming efforts for Lotteries by providing young people through the Gift Responsibly. Games campaign for their participation in the Gift Responsibly initiative with an “overview of tools and Initiatives for Healthy Gambling,” which tries to educate young people about the risks of gambling.

Finally, Whyte said, “Our message is simple: lottery tickets are never an appropriate gift for children.”

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