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Seminole Tribe Lashes Back against Alleged Whistleblowers

Seminole Tribe Lashes Back against Alleged Whistleblowers

The Seminole Tribal Council threatened to expel three members after they raised transparency concerns about the tribe’s recent $3 million vaccination lottery and raised allegations of corruption and misappropriation.

A successful petition to investigate the lottery further destabilized the situation as the parties threatened legal action.

A Vaccination Lottery Gone Wrong Sparked Tensions

The ongoing controversy began after the Seminole tribe held a vaccination flotilla that used $3 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds to encourage tribal members to vaccinate against the virus. With a grand prize of $1 million, the initiative was largely successful, and members of the tribe decided to participate. However, things quickly got complicated when it came time to pick the winners. Shortly after the drawing, tribal leaders announced that the winners would remain anonymous, raising concerns about the lottery’s legitimacy. Rumors quickly spread that the tribal council chairman’s underage son had won the grand prize, and several disgruntled members organized a successful petition for a third-party investigation.

An article in Florida Bulldog investigated the situation and gathered testimonies from everyone involved. Council President Marcellus Osceola denied all allegations, saying lottery winners would not be made public due to privacy requirements for health records. However, dissatisfaction continued to grow. Up, prompting the Council to take more drastic action.

Three Members Are in Danger of Expulsion

A recent update revealed that the tribal Council has threatened to fire three members. Cousins ​​Laura and Lesley Billie spoke out against the lack of transparency and organized the petition that started the ongoing scandal. Virgil “Benny” Motlow wrote an article in an unaffiliated newspaper alleging corruption against the Council. The Council will likely discuss the trio’s fate at its next meeting on January 20. Meanwhile, the suspected whistleblowers were given a 60-day ban from entering a tribal government. Buildings or schools.

A letter from the Council to Laura Billie reveals the official reasons for the decision and warns her against reporting off-reserve. “The impact is severe and has the potential to endanger the well-being of the Seminole Tribe and its members. The document asked Billie to stop all contact with the outside media and to stop spreading unsubstantiated and false allegations. President Osceola threatened charges of defamation, but Laura Billie denied any wrongdoing. Silence the critics.

Despite attempts by the Seminole Tribal Council to limit coverage of the case, the growing controversy continues to draw media attention as the situation escalates. If ousted, all three members will lose access to $10,500 in monthly allowances and the freedom to live or travel on Seminole reservations. Legal action is possible but difficult as this is a tribal issue, but the situation may continue to escalate.

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