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SIS Awarded Gold Standards by ESIC

SIS Awarded Gold Standards by ESIC

Sports Information Services (SIS), a leading multi-channel provider of live betting services, has received Gold

 Standards accreditation from the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), an association that protects esports from fraud.

SIS Is Committed to Offering Fair Esports Matches

The Gold Standards are ESIC’s highest level of accreditation. It was awarded to SIS as a trusted betting event provider. The latter company is known for offering an unmatched level of integrity, offering sports bettors exciting opportunities to bet on games like CS: GO, soccer and basketball. SIS is the first betting events provider to receive this accreditation after updating the ESIC criteria. The ESIC Gold Standard lists integrity and security requirements that tournament organizers and companies in the esports sector must meet before being accredited.

To achieve Gold Standards, a company must diligently maintain the highest possible standards for the benefit of all stakeholders. Luckily for SIS, the SIS Competitive Gaming department follows all the practices outlined by ESIC and makes every effort to ensure every sporting event is fair. All of the company’s games, broadcast from the company’s UK studio, are broadcast over a secure platform that licensed operators can only use. All verified audiences and events are never broadcast to the general public, reducing chat toxicity and risk. In addition, events are overseen by an experienced referee from ESIC and a commercial team from SIS to ensure no games are being covered up or fraudulent bets are taking place. 

SIS Competitive Gaming Had to Fulfill a List of Requirements

These are the requirements SIS had to meet before receiving Gold Standards accreditation: 

First, SIS had to ban all communication devices from game studios. In addition, the company had to ensure that at least three team members monitored each event. SIS also had to conduct background checks on all its employees and ensure they had no criminal records. Regarding gaming, SIS must set fair gaming settings for all broadcast games.

The company must also ensure that all players have sufficient skills to compete professionally. Finally, the provider must have all employees and players sign the ESIC Anti-Corruption Code. Adam Conway, Head of Esports and Competitive Gaming at SIS, said his team is very proud of the new accreditation. He stressed that he testifies to his company’s standards regarding esports. Conway said SIS Competitive Gaming’s partner operators value this level of integrity as it helps them delight customers with fair bets. Quality experiences.

Meanwhile, ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith noted that the new gold standards highlight esports’ highest level of security. Smith was pleased to review SIS’s competitive gaming and to see that the department met all of the integrity requirements for accreditation.

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