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Sports Betting Legalization Sits High on the 2023 Missouri Agenda

Sports Betting Legalization Sits High on the 2023 Missouri Agenda

The legalization of sports betting is expected to be one of the top priority issues for the Missouri legislature during their annual session, according to lawmakers from both parties.

High Public Interest

Missouri residents have to travel to neighboring Kansas or Illinois to bet on a sporting event, but that may not be the case for long now that lawmakers are meeting for their annual meeting on the subject, in which The Missouri Independent has the public interest in legalizing sports betting What should put sports betting high on the agenda is what the Legislative Leaders of both parties, with Minority and Majority Leaders, believe from the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate and the Senate Minority Leader share the same opinion. House Minority Leader Crystal Quade, a Democrat, said sports betting is “a topic of conversation everywhere,” while incumbent Senate Speaker Caleb. 

 Rowden, a Republican, said he’s heard about sports betting “all the time.” Republican House Majority Leader Jonathan Patterson stated that television commercials and billboards reinforce public interest throughout Kansas City. At the same time, House Majority Leader John R. Izzo and Senate Minority Leader John R. Izzo admitted having crossed the Kansas border to make a wager in the past, like most sports enthusiasts in the Kansas City area. Patterson also argued that if sports betting “is something that [obviously] a lot of people want, it seems kind of silly that people in Kansas City have to go the other way and place their bets there,” the high public believed interest would put the issue on the agenda.

The Revenue Component

And his opinion is supported by geolocation data from GeoComply, which shows that the provider of geolocation services was between September 1st and December 16th. Additionally, between November 16th and December 16th, approximately 1,270 users had their devices on both sides of the border with Kansas, meaning Missouri is missing out on potential sports betting revenue while state money is pouring into Kansas, income that “they can use for education,” according to Patterson. But legalizing sports betting will not be easy, as conflicting interests stand in the way: casino operators and pro teams will try to get a big enough slice of the 

 revenue pie, and video providers will demand concessions from the legislature, such as legalizing a new lottery game for his customers in all bars. , truck stops and fraternity halls, and currently facing lawsuits, gas station and convenience store gambling operators will object to any bill that would define their legal status.

The legalization of sports betting is a triangular debate as it will raise several conflicting interests. Professional sports teams and casino operators are excited about the change as it will give them a sizable share of sports betting revenue and come up with a proposal to implement it. Video game providers, on the other hand, are hoping lawmakers will approve a new lottery game that customers can access and play at their various truck shops, bars, and fraternity halls. The third conflict of interest is corporations. It is currently facing criminal charges for operating convenience stores and gas stations, including games that pay cash prizes. These companies oppose any Bill that would clarify their legal status.

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