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Sweden Clamps Down on Unlicensed Gambling with New Law Proposal

Sweden Clamps Down on Unlicensed Gambling with New Law Proposal

Silvia Pavlof DECEMBER 22, 2023 MIN READ Sweden Tackles Unlicensed Gambling with New Law About Unlicensed Gambling With New Law Source: Shutterstock.com The new law was unveiled on December 20. If the Swedish politicians approve the law, it should come into force on July 1, 2023.

Swedish Minister for Financial Markets Niklas Wykman commented on the rationale for the proposal: Through these proposals, the government is taking essential steps in the fight against illegal gambling and match-fixing, which are a source of income for organized crime. These proposals will help create better order in the gambling market, improve law enforcement and increase protection for Swedish consumers. The Swedish government went on to explain that they are introducing these new rules because they don’t want fraudulent gambling companies to be able to lure people into addiction. And criminals to make money with matches.

Swedish Government Wants to Fight Match-Fixing

The new bill’s main problem is what is known as match-fixing. The large and quick turnaround in gambling poses significant risks of exploitation by illegal operators and manipulation of gambling-related sporting events, often leading to match-fixing. Ranging from crime committed by individual athletes or officials to organized crime networks, the problem of match-fixing is a priority issue and part of government efforts to reduce serious crime. ) and Statskontoret (the Swedish Public Administration Agency) have concluded that more must be done to combat illegal gambling  

 in general and match-fixing in particular. This week’s proposal aims to reduce the negative impact of gambling and create more security in the Swedish gambling market by altogether banning illegal operators and fighting match-fixing.

What Does the Proposal Entail?

The query is how the Swedish authorities go to attain one’s goals. In the thought, politicians have counseled some concrete measures that would assist. They need the rules to have the proper to determine what charge processing statistics the charge provider companies need to be obliged to offer. This degree will assist in creating a more excellent and powerful gadget for blockading bills to unlicensed playing. Furthermore, the thought consists of a degree permitting the playing regulator Spelinspektionen to buy online playing offerings beneath a hidden identity, known as check purchases, to test compliance with the Gaming Act’s licensing necessities and advertising bans. This degree will assist with similarly manage of the playing operators lively in Sweden. Another counseled degree is for gaming corporations and sports activities federations so that you can method a much wider variety of private facts to fight match-fixing. And remaining, however now no longer least, it’s miles proposed that playing corporations need to be obliged to offer the police statistics wanted for investigations into playing-associated offenses.

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