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Viejas Casino & Resort to Benefit from OPTX’s Tech Solutions

Viejas Casino & Resort to Benefit from OPTX's Tech Solutions

The award-winning online casino intelligence platform OPTX has signed a partnership with Viejas Casino & Resort, a leading land-based resort based in Southern California, which will now benefit from streamlined software and day-to-day management solution activities.

OPTX Becomes Latest Solution Provider for Viejas Casino & Resort

Viejas Casino & Resort will have access to various corporate features, including Slots, Slots AI, Slot Dispatch, Player Development AP, Connect, and Player Development products which will help significantly improve property operations. Property General Manager Jim Wild welcomed the opportunity to work with OPTX and offered additional details on why the company was a perfect partner for the casino. Wild said that the Viejas Casino team was constantly striving to improve the customer experience and offer players new and exciting ways to enjoy themselves. At the same time, the owner is equally interested in increasing profitability and overall performance. According to Erich Hans, Viejas’ Chief Financial Officer, there is a “well-defined operational value” that OPTX products bring to the property.

This includes operational efficiency, business agility, and a single system for multiple departments. Hans added that this would lead to better integration and consolidation of operations at the management level, resulting in optimized day-to-day operations of the property. , and said: The ability to replace multiple operating systems with one integrated platform is precisely what we needed to make the intelligent and fast decisions that the fast-moving gaming industry demands. The slots team will significantly benefit from the OPTX dispatch solution, said Dennis Woods, VP of slot operations at the property.

Leveraging Data to Drive the Necessary Business Insights

Meanwhile, Brooke Fiumara, Co-CEO of OPTX, was equally excited at the opportunity to work with one of the North American casino industry’s leaders so that operators can benefit from it successfully. “We are excited that the Viejas team will experience the OPTX benefit,” concluded Fiumara, commenting on the partner. OPTX is a powerful solution for properties across the United States and beyond. It helps create actionable recommendations for casino operators, helping them achieve better results while capitalizing on their unique offerings. OPTX provides the deep business insight that helps guide real estate to the desired outcomes without “losing an actionable player,” adds OPTX.

Viejas Casino & Resort has acquired OPTX

Viejas Casino & Resort has acquired OPTX, Best Slots Solutions, Slots AI, Slots Shipping, Player Development, Player Development AI, and Connection from OPTX. This range of OPTX solutions is groundbreaking for the thriving estate of Viejas, which remains at the forefront of gaming experience excellence. Impressed by every aspect of OPTX’s innovative solutions, Viejas General Manager Jim Wild stated, “OPTX and Viejas are the perfect partners. Our dedicated team constantly seeks pioneering products to increase profitability, performance, and relationships with our guests. This partnership with OPTX will allow us to optimize our casino floor with continuous change recommendations for slots, player insights, and views, resulting in increased earning opportunities.

OPTX solutions implemented at Viejas will provide a clearly defined operational value within the property. Erich Hans, CFO of Viejas, further emphasized: “OPTX will bring operational efficiencies and added business agility through a single system that is intuitive and optimized for multiple departments. The ability to replace various operating systems with one integrated platform is what we need to make the smart and fast decisions that the fast-paced gaming industry demands.

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